JGST SIG’s and networking forums allow members with particular interests to share knowledge, ideas and information.
Connect with other Jewish Genealogy members who have similar goals and challenges, and make sure you have your say on specific topics in one of our member SIG’s and forums.
The special interest groups are predominantly online – but from time to time we arrange meetings to enable face-to-face networking and presentations from speakers. Please check the Events Calendar regularly for meeting dates and times.
The Special Interest Groups operate as on-line discussion forums. If you’d like to join, log in or sign up for our website and join the forum you are interested in

Membership of JGST’s Special Interest Groups is open to members only.

Read more about each of the forums below.
Ukraine SIG Forum (Next meeting: Jan. 11, 2018. Location: Family History Centre, Time 7:30 pm. 24 Ferrand Drive.
We share histories, resources, data, and research tips to help each other research Jewish Genealogy.
We cover the region of nine historical Russian Empire gubernias now mainly in Ukraine but also in Russia.
The Ukraine Special Interest Group (SIG) is for members of the JGST with interests in the lands that were included in the eight Russian Empire gubernii (provinces) that were in the Pale of Settlement, as well as Kharkov gubernia and the parts of Galicia and Bukovina that are now in Ukraine:
• Volhynia (Volyn)
• Kiev
• Chernigov
• Poltava
• Podolia
• Kharkov
• Kherson (contains Odessa)
• Yekaterinoslav
• Taurida (Crimea)
• Eastern Galicia
• Northern Bukovina
These lands more or less overlap with the current territory of Ukraine. The purpose of the SIG is for members to explore areas of common interest, pursuing research and sharing information with each other, and enhancing our abilities to advance our personal genealogical agendas.

Lithuania SIG Forum Next Meeting: December 14, 2017 at the Family History Centre, 24 Ferrand Drive at 7:30 pm.
We share histories, resources, data, and research tips to help each other research Jewish Genealogy.
We are concentrating on Lithuanian-Jewish (“Litvak”) genealogy research
We are dedicated to discovering and preserving Litvak heritage. Our mission is to discover, collect, document, disseminate and preserve information about the once vibrant Jewish community of Lithuania for both ourselves and our history.

Poland SIG Forum Next meeting Jan 18, 2018 at the Family History Centre, 24 Ferrand Drive, 7:30 p.m.
This group is for members of JGST who wish to explore their Jewish roots from the European region known as modern day Poland.

Exchanging information and challenges, the members will grow together as they discover the riches of their past.

Our DNA group aims to help you understand the uses and benefits of DNA testing as it applies to your own family research and to support your research by sharing information and expertise about how to interpret your test results.

All and any DNA questions are welcome in the Forum, but

    you need to be a JGST member to comment and contribute.

Introductory Meeting of DNA SIG Members – Feb. 1, 2018 at the Family History Centre, 24 Ferrand Drive, Toronto. Time 7:30 p.m.

The following are some of the topics we will cover over the year, but not in this order.
• Basics of DNA (as needed)
• Understanding the tests & testing companies
• How DNA helps genealogy
• Understanding your test results
• How to become a project administrator
• Tips for maintaining a DNA project and recruiting new members
• DNA book recommendations and discussions
• Being pro-active genetic genealogists
• DNA and Privacy concerns
• Y-chromosome DNA and Mitochondrial DNA
• Bio-geographical DNA
• Autosomal DNA, including the X-chromosome
• Chromosome mapping
• Third-party tools for genetic genealogists
• Share test results and answer the question: What do I do now?

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