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Ukrainian Jewish Encounter (UJE) https://ukrainianjewishencounter.org/en/

Ukrainians and Jews have lived as neighbours for centuries, creating and sharing enduring cultures that continue to inform their identities today. The Ukrainian Jewish Encounter (UJE) is a Toronto-based privately organized, multinational initiative launched in 2008 as a collaborative project involving Ukrainians of Jewish and Christian heritages and others, in Ukraine, Israel, and the diasporas. Its work engages scholars, civic leaders, artists, governments, and the broader public in an effort to strengthen mutual comprehension and solidarity between Ukrainians and Jews.

Of particular interest to genealogists is UJE’s work to develop a “shared historical narrative” that provides an insightful historical account of the Ukrainian-Jewish relationship over the centuries. They produce resources, podcasts, educational materials, documentary films and other tools to provide an understanding of the history of Ukrainians and Jewish in the Jewish lands from antiquity to the present.

Check out Part 1 of a historical timeline from antiquity to 1914, that contains an integrated narrative of these two peoples in the belief that there is much to be gained by viewing their historical experience together, in all its complexity. https://ujetimeline.org/


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DNA Special Interest Group Q&A Workshop Part 3

DNA SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP (SIG) Q&A WORKSHOP Featuring our JGS Toronto members, Gil Bardige and Arthur Sissman   Sunday, 14 April 2024 at 10:30 am. ET VIRTUAL MEETING: Join from Home Virtual doors open at 10:30 a.m. ET All are invited to participate in the second segment of our 4-part […]

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14 Apr

“Clued-In: More Cases from Sherlock Cohn, The Photo Genealogist”

Wednesday, 17 April 2024, 7:30 p.m. On ZOOM CLUED-IN: Case studies from Sherlock Cohn, The Photo Genealogist Clued -In: More cases from Sherlock Cohn, The Photo Genealogist The best way to analyze family photographs is by example. This new presentation, completed in 2023, a sequel to the popular “Clued-In: Case […]

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17 Apr

Poland SIG

Poland SIG by zoom The Poland SIG is available to JGST members only and the zoom registration is available our JGST website in the members section. click this link  

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07 May

JGS Toronto: Virtual Event – Classi Lecture 7: State of Israel vs Malachiel Gruenwald – “The Kastner Trial”

This a continuation of the Classi Lecture series on Hungary.  Trudy Gold speaks on the infamous Kastner Trial in Israel.   Members of JGS Toronto can register clicking on this link: Members Area of the website.  This series is free to our Members.

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08 May

JGS Toronto: Virtual Event – Classi Lecture 8: The Eichmann Trial

This is the 8th and final series on Hungary hosted by Classi Lectures.  Trudy Gold speaks on the Eichmann Trial. The Classi Lecture series is free to JGS Toronto members. Members may register for this event by clicking on this link

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15 May