As many of you may know, Spain had declared that they are offering citizenship to Jewish applicants who could successfully document their Spanish roots.

With political and economic conditions in Venezuela in rapid decline the last remaining vestiges of the once thriving Jewish community are fearing the worst. Spain, Israel and the U.S. are all being sought out as safe havens.

A man in Caracas recently reached out to our Society asking for help and guidance in proving his Spanish lineage. His surname is Kaufman. His ancestors came from Spain and made their way to Russia. The Russians insisted that surnames be changed to ones that sounded more Slavic, and thus they took on the name Kaufman which means a man who procures.

Our Venezuelan friend is asking if anyone in the genealogy world with experience in documenting Sephardic lineage could offer some advice to Mr. Kaufman as to how he may proceed with his documentation.
Please email [email protected] if you can offer solid advice for Mr. Kaufman.

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