A new collaborative website, Jewish Places, consolidates Jewish Life in Germany in one interactive map. A prototype was developed for March 20150-May 2016 and the launch of the official website is set  for September 13, 2018, I have been able to access at the time of posting this.  The website is being developed with the Jewish Museum of Berlin, the German Federal Agency for Civic Education, and the F.C. Flick Foundation against Xenophobia, Racism, and Intolerance.

See: https://www.jewish-places.de/  The site is in German but if you open it in the Chrome browser it will be translated. Or use a translation service such as https://translate.google.com/.


The map opens to four areas: places, facilities, people and walks. Some of the places have photographs which will be stated on the icon. You can find places of Jewish life, learn more about the project and participate by sharing photographs and texts. To learn how you can participate see:

https://www.jewish-places.de/de/join. You will have to register with your email address and username and password.

For more information read their FAQs at: https://www.jewish-places.de/de/faq


If you register, with username, password and email address an email will be sent. I found my email in the spam box, and I needed to activate by clicking on the link. The email is in German but using a translation service such as mentioned above made it easy to understand and click where necessary. Note if you approve the site to know your location it will take you to where you are and it remembers! Just click again on walks, people, places or facilities and it will take you back to Germany.

The Jewish Museum of Berlin is one of the participants in the project and they also have a website located at: https://www.jmberlin.de/en/jewish-places

This is an interesting project which is not complete—more information is requested-that is how you can help. It can help you find Jewish communities, synagogues and more for your research.

Thank you to Jewish Heritage Europe for informing us about this new website.



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