The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research hosts 40-50 public programs each year many of which are recorded and they have placed on their YouTube Channel.  The recordings vary from music, Yiddish stage, history, lecture series, folklore, European Jewish experience and more. See: for a list of all the videos.  They are free to play.

2.5 million Jews from Eastern Europe immigrated to the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries YIVO has included every photograph and document in their immigration and migration collections to this exhibit. See:   The  documents are online for viewing at this site.  Remember to click on the different time periods in the listings  directly under “Stories from the Archives”. To read more about the exhibit see:

The United States was the most popular destination for Jewish immigrants between 1881 and 1924. After World War l the anti-immigrant movement overcame the United States, with strong restrictions on immigration to the United States.  The exhibit includes a collection of Yiddish cartoons from the 1920s that protest US Immigration quotas that restricted Jewish immigration. The exhibit is on view from January 10, 2019 through Spring 2019 with no end date listed on the website. To read more see:  Click on the graphic and you will see arrows going both directions for the exhibit. While there are only a few items online if you are in New York City you may wish to visit the exhibit personally.

There are more on-sight exhibitions which you may read about at:

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