The Wiener Holocaust Library is one of the world’s leading and most extensive archives on the Holocaust and Nazi era.  Formed in 1933, the Library’s unique collection of over one million items includes published and unpublished works, press cuttings, photographs and eyewitness testimony. The Museum is located in London, England,  United Kingdom,

The Wiener Holocaust Library’s current exhibition (6 August -30 November 2020) is Jewish Resistance to the Holocaust.

“During the Holocaust, Jewish partisan groups and underground resistance networks launched attacks, sabotage operations and rescue missions. Resistance groups in ghettos organized social, religious, cultural and educational activities and armed uprisings in defiance of their oppressors. In death camps, in the most extreme circumstances, resisters gathered evidence of Nazi atrocities and even mounted armed rebellions.”

While one has to personally visit the Museum to explore the exhibit their website has a ~4 minute video on the exhibit:

For those who may visit the Museum in person, due to the pandemic, you must have a pre-booked viewing slot.  

To learn more about the exhibit see the aforementioned URL and how to make a reservation to tour the exhibit see:

The Smithsonian Magazine has an article about the exhibit which can be read at:

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