Ian McCallum spoke to our Society on Oct. 30th, 2016. He employed very extensive use of DNA to trace his grandfather’s lineage. Ian provided our members with a lengthy, and technical, explanation of DNA and specifically how he was able to track down his grandfather’s origins. This was particularly challenging as his grandfather was raised in an orphanage and thereby did not know (or was unwilling to reveal) much about his past.
Ian was surprised to learn that his grandfather was Ashkenazi. His 8 year research indicated that his grandfather was descended from a family by the name of “Weil”. Having this bit of information and matches found on DNA searches, McCallum has made connections with many Jewish relations and he continues to pursue his Jewish family connections, while adjusting to the fact that he is not purely of Celtic Scottish/Irish descent.
We thank Ian very much for providing us with the link for his presentation. Word of warning: it will only be fully understood by those most experienced in DNA research”.

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