The Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island (JGSLI), winner of the IAJGS 2015 Outstanding Publication Award for its You Tube Channel, is pleased to announce its latest video, “What Genealogists Should Know About DNA…Without the Science Lesson!”

DNA and genealogy. It’s all over…TV commercials, Facebook groups, print media, and DNA special interest groups. Using DNA for family research might be the biggest innovation in genealogy since someone discovered a descendant chart etched on a cave wall in southern Europe. So, what is it about DNA that has genealogists salivating? And I mean that literally. There are plenty of websites and tutorials on the basics of DNA. What we’re attempted in this video, is to present the points we think a genealogist should know, about using DNA to help with their research…without the science lesson.

You can access all 34 of our short instructional videos directly from our You Tube Channel at

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