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  1. Good afternoon. We thought that you might be interested in this development.

    I am very pleased to advise you that we are in the latter stages of developing a new grave way finding app.

    It is available in both Android and iOS versions.

    Toronto Hebrew Memorial Parks’ Find a Grave App helps families, visitors and the public to locate graves at our cemeteries, view memorial photos and receive GPS directions to gravesites. The app also includes easy access to general information, contact information and past searches.

    Features include:
    – Accessing our on-line collection of burial information for free
    – Locating gravesites of your loved ones through a simple search based on first and/or last name
    – Directions from your current location to the grave will be provided using Google Maps (mobile data usage may be charged by your mobile internet provider) while travelling to the cemetery
    – Searching and uploading photos of memorials
    – Accessing messages about cemetery closures, weather impacting the cemeteries, and event information
    – Providing feedback and obtaining help with searches or cemetery-related questions
    – Connecting with us via e-mail or mobile phone through a Help feature

    This should really make finding graves much simpler for everyone involved. You will be able to share the information with others via text, e-mail or WhatsApp.

    You may download the app at:

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards,
    Howard Mammon

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