The U.S. Seventh Army’s 45th Infantry Division, the 42nd Infantry Rainbow Division and the 20th Armored Division entered Dachau rescuing 32,000 prisoners.  Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp established in 1933.  Forty railway cars filled with decomposing bodies were found near the camp, as the Nazis did not have time to send them to the crematorium before they fled due to the American’s nearing the camp.

image003.jpg, part of the Ancestry family of companies, produced a blog post about Dachau’s liberation which may be read at:

The blog post says between 1933-945 approximately 188,000 prisoners were incarcerated there and 28,000 prisoners died in the camp.  To see the records from the camp, the Dachau Entry Registers, historical records from the U.S. Seventh Army and a secret diary kept by an inmate at Dachau which was recovered by American soldiers you can search them for free at:

When you find a record you would like to download or save to your computer you can right click with your mouse and save it to your computer or on the upper right there is a “tool” app if you click you can download and print.  There are other opportunities to add an annotation or comment with the app with the “plus sign” on a flag.

To read, download or print the record  You will have to register with your name, email and address and password. No credit card information is required.

Fold3 makes their ENTIRE Holocaust collection free access.  Go to:

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