Volunteers bury the remains of more than 1,000 Holocaust victims at a cemetery just outside Brest, Belarus, on Wednesday.

Uladz Hrydzin/AP

As reported last month a Brest, Belarus, building site yielded bones of 1,214 Holocaust victims. Construction workers who had been working on foundations for a new apartment building along with soldiers pulled human skeletons from the earth. Over the three months since this  excavation of bodies began the bones of 1,214 people, are thought to be Jews slaughtered by the Nazis, when Hitler invaded Russia. At the time Belarus was part of Russia.

On May 22, the victims were buried in Belarus. The site of the mass grave was on the site of wartime ghetto, and therefore the victims were believed to be Jews slaughtered by the Nazis. The remains were placed into 120 coffins, and the burial and ceremony was held at a cemetery outside of the city. Authorities were in a rush to do the burial rather than do DNA testing to discern who the victims were.

The city was criticized for not carefully examining  the land before the building permit was issued.

According to the World Jewish Congress before the war the city had a vibrant Jewish population of which 90 percent was killed by the end of the Holocaust.

To read more see: https://www.npr.org/2019/05/22/725728990/more-than-1-000-holocaust-victims-are-buried-in-belarus-after-mass-grave-discove

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