Board of Directors

Under the requirements of our incorporation papers and bylaws, adopted January 29, 2014, JGS Toronto is required to have at least three Directors and no more than 15.

The Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Society, usually held in conjunction with our December program. At the first Board meeting after the AGM, the Board designates 4 officers, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. The Board also assigns specific responsibilities to the other elected Directors, and also appoints other coordinators, as noted below.

2016 Board of Directors
Board Members 2017

President Marla Waltman [email protected]
Vice President Communications Harvey Glasner [email protected]
Vice President Membership & Outreach Mel Fishman [email protected]
Vice President Special Projects Ruth Mallin [email protected]
Vice President SIGS and Programming Vacant
Secretary Adena Glasner [email protected]
Treasurer Paul Teitelman [email protected]
Immediate Past President Les Kelman [email protected]
President Emeritus Henry Wellisch [email protected]
Liaison Bill Sklar [email protected]
Librarian Elaine Cheskes [email protected]
Membership Coordinator Neil Richler [email protected]
Shem Tov Editor Judy Kasman [email protected]

See our Contact Us page for a complete list of all coordinators and volunteers.