Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau



Our Toronto Jewish community is rich with groups and organizations.

And where there are groups and organizations, there is usually a need for programming.

I have the solution to that: our JGS Toronto Speakers Bureau. We all

have a genealogy story to tell. The JGS Toronto Speakers Bureau

provides the opportunity for our Society to reach out into the larger

Jewish community to tell our stories or provide an introduction to

basic genealogy and bring awareness to our work. It seems that

these days especially, everyone seems to have interest in learning

about their family history.

These are suggestions of groups we could target:


Schools • Women’s Groups • Men’s Groups • Seniors’ Clubs


Synagogues • Lunch & Learn Groups • Retirement Residences


Our Speakers Bureau provides support for members who have not

given a presentation before, but would like to share the joys of

genealogy with others. We have an Introduction to Genealogy

PowerPoint program, which can be used as a template for your

presentation. Alternatively, some groups may like to hear about how to do genealogical research through your own stories and amazing

discoveries. I know that each one of us has at least one story that

could be turned into an enlightening, interesting and entertaining

genealogy program.

We cordially invite you to become a speaker with the JGS Toronto

Speakers Bureau. Contact me at [email protected]

Debbie Sacrob, Speakers Bureau Coordinator


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