This list has been put up on this site for members who are seeking additional help with their research. Some of our members have made use of these professionals and/or organizations and have had positive experiences. However, JGS Toronto as an entity, does not recommend or make any endorsements, nor does JGS Toronto receive any benefit or remuneration from service providers listed here.

– Jakub Czuprynski – experienced Polish researcher and guide working out of the Jewish Community Centre
in Krakow. [email protected]
– Tomas Klimek – experienced Polish guide. Fluent in English and well versed in Jewish Polish history.
[email protected]
– Andrew Durman – Polish Tour Guide, phone: +48602243306
– Tomasz Cebulski – Polish Guide, professional genealogist

– David Price – Cyrillic and Polish – specializing in birth, death, marriage records.
[email protected]
– Peninah Zilberman – Romanian and Hebrew to English – skilled in genealogical research in Romania
and Israel……experience in organizing tours to Eastern Europe. [email protected]
– Miriam Beckerman – Yiddish translator, prize winning published author 416-489-7771
– Gloria Brumer – Yiddish translator, [email protected]
– Ida Wynberg – Yiddish translator- “The Exile Book of Yiddish Women Writers,” [email protected]
– Nick Block, PhD – Yiddish and German – professor at Emory University in Atlanta. Jewish genealogy
translations – postcards, handwritten letters. [email protected], see: translations

– Bill Gladstone – professional genealogist based in Toronto; has researched family trees for
many people, Jewish and non-Jewish see: Bill Gladstone

Organized Tours
– Yiftach Talmi – licensed tour guide (Israel) [email protected]
– Casmir Paltinger – Austria Guide [email protected] +43 676 305 21 87
– Age Antal – English, French, German Guide – specializes in Hungary [email protected]
+ 36-30-66-70-421
– Peter Kovacsi – Hungarian tours, private, individuals, groups, intensive study tours, family trips
[email protected] tel. 00 361 318 5828

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