Limmud Toronto 2018 is just two months away, a fantastic lineup of Presenters has been chosen, and we are delighted to announce that Festival ticket sales are now live!

Register and buy your tickets online here:

This year’s lineup is one of the best yet, and a testament to our truly being “a Festival of diverse Jewish thinking”.  There are 88 presentations and workshops throughout the day, with 11 concurrent sessions each hour.  The only problem – with so many great Presenters and topics, how do you choose just one each hour? To help you plan your day, we will soon be posting our full Schedule of Presenters and topics. Some featured Presenters here:
And this year, all tickets include a dairy/pareve kosher lunch.

The Early birds get the deal
Early bird tickets, at a discounted price, are only available until 11:30 pm on Thursday September 20 (the day after Yom Kippur). So don’t delay, get your tickets right away.
Register and buy your tickets online here:

When you register to attend, consider checking off an option to volunteer some of your time to assist on the day of the festival.

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