It is with regret that JGS Toronto has cancelled its private Facebook Page.

The JGS Board of Directors made this decision to encourage more of our members to register with our website  and to make use of our Forums to collaborate with one another on their brick walls as well as their breakthroughs.

The Forums are chat rooms that are moderated, private, and totally safe.  Each chat room can be used to post documents, photos, links, and other resources and for posing questions of their fellow members.

There are presently five chat rooms: DNA; Ukraine; Lithuania/Latvia; Central European and Poland.  Anyone that is a member of JGS Toronto may enter these chat rooms and take part in the discussions.

JGS Toronto has not abandoned Facebook.  We have a public Facebook page as well as a presence on Twitter.

We encourage our members to make use of as many online resources as possible.  But from a membership perspective it is incumbent upon us to make use of our discussion groups as they are close to home and followup collaboration can take place at SIG meetings or before/after our monthly general meetings.

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