A few years ago, JGS Toronto hosted a program where Edmonton scholar Jars Balan outlined the fascinating story of Rhea Clyman (who was born in Poland in 1904 and who emigrated to Toronto at age 2) and her fearless travels as a journalist in the Soviet Union before and during WWII.  He reports that sadly, Clyman ultimately died in in New York years later, impoverished and unrecognized for her trail-blazing work.  Balan, who grew up in Toronto (he went to WL Mackenzie CI), is director of the University of Alberta’s Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies.  He has been conducting research on Clyman for six years and will be publishing a book about her.

In an article that appeared in the November 30, 2019 Toronto Star, the writer, Omar Mosleh, details Clyman’s story and also credits the Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto in enabling Balan to connect with Clyman’s great nephew.

Here’s the link to the article: